Mar 03 2013

One last glitch…

I’m happy to report that RSS, Facebook and Twitter integration are all working splendidly!  Anything we publish will now be available via any of these means (more on this later).

However, we’ve managed to encounter one new glitch.

You see, I’ve had commenting turned completely off, while we’ve been “under construction” (and while we were deciding how we wanted blog access to work).

Now that we’re about ready to go live, I tried turning comments back on, and… that sputtering and fizzling sound you hear is the blog looking at me blankly and saying, “Comments?  We had comments?”


Rolling up my sleeves and climbing back under the hood.

We’ll go live “any day now”, as soon as I figure out why we’re NOT live already…

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  1. Reed

    Wait, NOW replies work?

  2. Testing

    Test Guy says: Replies work!

  3. Reed

    OK, replies work on NEW posts. Posts made before we flipped the “allow comments” switch, still can’t be commented on.


    Now I just have to make a convenient way for members to create new posts, and we’ll be ready to go…

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