Mar 05 2013


Welcome to our new web site and blog!

As of 3/5/2013, after two months of being “under construction”, I am happy to report that this site is now live and open for business.

(Well… in programming terms, let’s call this a “live beta”. We THINK we’ve got a workable product here, but no guarantees. We need to be up and running now, to flesh out what may still be broken.)

One thing we know is still broken is the DONATE button on the right of the screen; we won’t be able to fix THAT until our PayPal account is repaired, and they are taking their own sweet time about it. Meanwhile, the Amazon link is still a great way to do some shopping and send us free money at the same time!


Let me explain a bit about how things are gonna work:

  1. All blog posts on this site will be available for access through our RSS feed, and automatically crossposted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. So follow us however you're most comfortable!
  2. All CSS members are entitled to request an account on this site, at which time they will have full power to post articles to the blog. Ignore the "Register" tab on the right; it does not work (by design). All new accounts on this site will be created by me, upon emailed request. Do not bother emailing a request if you are not a member.

    Members: To get an account, email me your full name, postal address, phone number, email address, and preferred password (at least 7 characters; you can change it later if you like). I will send you your username by return email.

  3. Anyone, member or not, may write comments on these posts. All that is required is that the commenter supply a name and an email address. The first time a non-member posts a comment, it will be held in moderation (it will not appear for anyone to see until approved by me). Once someone has had a comment approved, further comments from them will appear freely, with no further moderation requirements. A degree of spam protection is already in place, more will be added if necessary. Christians or other religious folk are welcome (indeed, encouraged) to post comments disagreeing with us; they are asked to keep things civil. We reserve the right to ban commenters at will.

    There are no hard and fast rules about what you can and can't say on this blog. There is simply my personal judgement (which will be influenced by the judgement of other CSS members and officers).

    Curse words are generally acceptable, unless you annoy me.  Saying "fuck you, asshole" to someone HERE is likely to annoy me.

  4. Commenting on blog postings is simple and easy. No HTML is necessary. Just use blank lines to separate paragraphs. From what I've gathered thus far, it appears that that very basic HTML (bold, italics, links) can be used by anyone -- but logged-in members get to use more commands (tables, headers, etc).
  5. Members creating full-blown blog posts may be in for a shock -- when you click the "Create Post" link (located in the "Welcome" box on the right, when you're logged in), WordPress dumps you into a slightly restricted version of the full-blown dashboard. Once you're making posts, WordPress apparently stops being user-friendly, and starts assuming you know what you're doing. Please try not to do any damage; one of the first things on my "to do" list is to try and find a more user-friendly way of creating posts.
  6. Members: When making a blog post, please choose a category from the available options; do not leave your post "uncategorized".  (I'd like to keep the total number of categories relatively small, but if you think a new category is warranted, just let me know). Otherwise -- please do not change the format from "Standard", do not use tags, and do not fiddle with ANY of the other options in the boxes on the "Edit Post" screen. Thank you. Be warned that the blog post editor is... glitchy, and will happily screw up your nicely-formatted post, especially if you switch back and forth between "Visual" (aka "pretty text" mode), and "Text" (aka HTML formatting) mode.

    [If you can handle HTML and want to use it to format your post without the editor constantly SCREWING WITH YOU, you can add the word "RAW" between square brackets at the start of the formatted section, and "/RAW" between square brackets at the end of the formatted section. This will force the editor to leave your code ALONE. Thanks to the creators of the RAW HTML WordPress plugin for this invaluable feature.]

  7. All posters and commenters automatically get their very own little personalized graphic avatar, courtesy of Wavatar. If anyone (member or not) would like to choose their own photo or graphic to be identified with, you can set one up for free at Gravatar. Gravatar will associate an image you upload with an email address you provide; from then on, anyplace on the web where you use that email address (including here), your Gravatar image will automatically be used.

OK, I think that just about covers it (until I find something I forgot to mention).

If anyone (CSS member or general public) has any thoughts or comments about this site, I’d love to hear them! Please click my name on the “Contact” page (or at the bottom of the “Home” page) to send me an email…

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