Mar 07 2013

Terrifying thought

I just had a terrifying thought.

I can’t possibly be the first to have come up with this, but I haven’t heard the idea mentioned yet.

They’re saying how unlikely it is that Congress will pass a bill limiting the “magazine” or “clip” capacity of guns.

But let’s say that somehow, it passes.  So now you can’t fire more than, say, ten shots without reloading.  (Let’s ignore all of the billions of guns/clips already out there, for sake of argument.)

So now the “sexy” thing in guns is, “how fast can you reload?”.  What if that time were reduced to… zero?

DISPOSABLE GUNS (i.e. The Clip Is The Gun) !!!

I’m picturing an small rectangular object smaller than a deck of playing cards, containing ten bullets.  Hold in your palm, flip a switch on the side to “unlock” the gun, point and squeeze.  One shot per squeeze.

When it’s empty (or when it jams), just drop it, grab the next “clip” and keep going.  No “reloading”.  No obvious gun-looking object.  Just a pocket full of these babies and you’re ready to walk into the next classroom and start blowing shit up.

If it only has to last ten shots, I bet it could be made pretty cheap.  It probably won’t have assault-weapon levels of power to it, but even so…

I know they’ve already developed 3d printers capable of “printing” (i.e. carving) out a working gun — no gun purchase to regulate, no serial numbers to track.  But only serious (and wealthy) gun nuts are going to have access to THAT technology anytime soon.

But if the gun makers develop guns small and cheap enough to be truly disposable — “Why buy clips for a gun when you can buy new guns for the same price?” — then how many shots each one fires is largely immaterial…

Well, that’s MY nightmare for the day.  What’s yours?

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  1. Don

    One could us a 3-d printer make a clip that holds more than 10 rounds.

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