Mar 23 2013

Easter crap

So I was reading the religion section of the newspaper last night… purely for entertainment purposes of course.

There are ads for all of the special easter services titled “Holy Week”

The one that really caught my eye was for the episcopal church which was having:  “Maundy Thursday – Share a simple meal, participate in foot washing, strip the altar of all items and an all night prayer watch”.  Ok… so here’s the question….  why do you have to have clean feet, strip the altar, and the all night prayer watch?  What are they watching for?  Is Jesus going to come and check their feet?  Just asking…  hehe

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  1. Reed

    They’re watching for Jesus to come down the chimney and hide chocolate eggs.

    And they need the altar cleared off for the virgin sacrifice to ward off the Kraken (or something like that).

    [Hey, is it really that different from the ritual cannibalism they perform each week?]

    Welcome to the blog, Nina!

  2. Don

    I work at the newspaper. I designed good number of those ads. I conducted a lot of eye-rolling last week.

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