Mar 30 2013

Angela hospital post-mortem

Angela returned from the hospital on Tuesday, having dropped 60 pounds of water weight in 5 days.

And we have BOTH continued to lose weight since then, due to a parting gift from the hospital that Angela shared with me — a lovely case of norovirus.

Yup, we’ve both been sick as dogs this past week, and were unable to even THINK about eating for the first few days.

She got a head start on it and is finally mostly over it.  I am definitely on the upswing, but still a couple of days behind her.

So that’s OUR life right now.  How’s yours?  🙂


P.S. Apparently, the “first time commenters must validate their email addresses and wait for me to moderate their comments” rule seems to apply EVEN to people with accounts with posting privileges.

Yes, WordPress thinks that I trust you enough to publish a full post, but not enough to comment on one without moderation.

I can’t quite believe this myself.  I will continue to poke at the issue, but in any case, rest assured that once you have had a comment approved, you are good to go from then on…

[Meanwhile, our first positive comment from a non-member occurred a couple of posts back, and it did NOT wait for moderation before getting posted.  I think God hates me.]  😉

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  1. John

    I’m glad to learn that Angela is on the mend. Sorry about the “parting gift” you received!

    I received an email asking about approval for the comment on the Coos Bay Cross post, and I approved. Did WordPress not confirm the commenter’s email address finst?

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