Mar 30 2013

Bill Maher and the Catholics

Who would have thought that I’d ever post a link to the Catholic League web site? But in their recent efforts to complain about Bill Maher, they created this marvelous treasure trove. How ironic.


Permanent link to this article: http://www.corvallissecular.org/2013/03/30/bill-maher-and-the-catholics/


  1. Reed


    To keep things simple and consistent, I’d rather stick with just the “standard” post type for the time being.

    I’ve tweaked your post accordingly.


  2. Reed

    That really is quite the public service they’re performing… providing an additional platform for their most ardent critic.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. John

    The [Roman] Catholic League has unintentionally done atheists a service by calling attention to Bill Maher’s comments on the repeated rape of children by Roman Catholic clergy over the years (and centuries, no doubt). How could anyone read this article and not see a widespread, serious and ongoing problem within the Roman Catholic Church?

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