May 05 2013

Back in the ER…

Spent all evening at the ER with Angela.  Still here at 2am.  So far, nobody’s figured out what’s broken with her this time.  But whatever it is, she’s not particularly enjoying it.

Updates later when we know something…

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  1. John

    Reed– This is distressing news. I trust her physicians soon will determine the problem so they can plan a treatment. I hope Angela is well soon. I think we are all looking forward to reading her blogs. –John

    1. Reed

      Blood & urine tests, CAT scan and ultrasound showed nothing, so they sent us home. Best guess is that this was another ovarian cyst bursting, too small to see.

      If symptoms persist til Monday, we’ll talk to her regular doc and figure things out from there…

  2. Peggy

    Hope she feels better by Mon without another trip to doc.

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