Jun 14 2013

Yay for Atheism!

I recently recently got a new car… (a cute little sporty Hyundai Accent – which I loove!)

And since I am a perpetual adolescent girl trapped in a middle aged woman’s body I still love stickers, sparkles etc…
I got a Darwin Fish, FSM decal and a great big, black sticker with large white lettering that says “Proud Atheist”.
As I was driving home on I-5 the other day this car was behind me honking and flashing it’s lights at me like mad! I was getting a little worried when it pulled alongside me, but then…. there were two guys inside waving, smiling, and fistpumping!! Woohoo!!! Made my day!! Yay for Atheism!!!

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  1. John

    Nina, Congratulations on your new car … and on the great “personalization” you’ve given it! If you drive it to the meeting, I’d love to see it. –John

  2. Reed

    I noticed it in your driveway a few days ago. Awesome stickers!

    So… are ya coming to the meeting? We’d love to see you… (maybe do dinner?)

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