Aug 09 2013

Blog technical: New commenting powers

John noticed a few articles back, that he could edit a post once it was published, but not a comment on a post.

As blog god, I don’t have (and thus never noticed) this problem.  :)

I assumed this should be a basic WordPress feature, and spent several days trying to figure out how to let people edit their own comments.  No luck.

Took me way too long to realize the answer.  What do you do WHENEVER you have a WordPress problem?


So whoosh, bang, we’ve got comment editing.  As a side bonus, we’ve got a spellcheck button on comments as well!

(The spellcheck button is supposed to show up for full posts, too, but I’m not seeing it.  Hmmm.)

Here’s how commenting now works, between this and other plugins I’m running:

1) Logged-in users (i.e. CSS members) can create new posts and comments, and edit both at any time.  For comments, there are no extra “hoops to jump through”; their comments are immediately published (unless they trigger the automated spam protection).

2) Non-logged in users (i.e. anyone else) can never create a post, but they can leave comments on existing posts:

* They must leave a name and an email address [the email address is not published].  These CANNOT be the same as exists on any CSS account.  This is to prevent anyone from impersonating CSS members.

* They must un-check a little checkbox before clicking the button to submit the comment.  This theoretically helps avoid automated spam (though it does not appear to make a difference).

* The first time a person submits a comment, they will receive an email, and they must click the provided link to verify their email address. THEN, the comment still must be approved by me before it appears.  This might take a day or so; I try to check a couple of times a day.  Subsequent comments from the same person will not require email verification or approval by me.  (Though as always, automated spam detection is active.)

* For those subsequent comments that do not need approval, the non-logged-in commenter has five minutes in which they can edit their comment or easily request comment deletion through the interface.  After that, the comment is locked in (although of course, they can still email me if they want any changes or deletion).

Clear as mud?  Well, I tried… :)

In any case, comments now behave much more sensibly than “WordPress default”…  Let me know what you think (or if you find any problems)!

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  1. John

    Coment editing worrks! I don’t want reeders to know how badly mi computer spels, and now I can corect “typoes” before most reeders notice.

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