Jan 08 2014

“The Animal Communicator” movie is more about telepathy than nature

I cultivate a network of nature lovers in Corvallis and Albany (www.neighborhood-naturalist.com). I started to hear about this new movie “The Animal Communicator”. You can watch it on YouTube free 52-min. http://youtu.be/KIOXZLUAfXw but read this post first. I’m a conservationist and an advocate for animal rights. You’d think I’d love a movie about connecting with animals and how people can be more passionate about conservation. That is a message in this movie I can get behind. However! The movie goes about making a case for telepathy and how the main personality in the film, Anna Breytenbach, is a gifted with telepathic powers. I was disappointed that one of my mentors, Jon Young of the Wilderness Awareness School, was also featured in the movie, endorsing Breytonbach’s special powers and advocating for telepathy. I have to burst the bubble of some of my fellow nature lovers and tell them I can’t support the claims in the film. Telepathy is a tall claim and requires more than an inspirational documentary to prove. It needs extensive scientific testing and replicated studies, which has yet to happen. What makes me sad is that this movie is hijacking a legitimate rational approach to understanding animals and learning about nature. Magical powers aren’t necessary to connect with or learn about nature. I think such beliefs distract from an honest understanding of nature.

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  1. Reed

    Well, hi there, Don! Great post!

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the movie’s been yanked off of YouTube…

  2. Don

    Hi Reed. Thanks, perhaps it’s was an unauthorized post of the movie. Anyone can get an idea of the goal of the movie by visiting Anna Breytenbach’s web site. http://www.animalspirit.org/ She claims not to have supernatural powers but uses pseudoscience in its place. She uses common misconceptions of quantum science and and electromagnetic energy to make it sound like her magic is science-ish.

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